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Generic Cialis

Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly widespread disorder that most men after 30 years of age suffer from – at least, to a certain extent. As sex gets more challenging, people start looking for ways to improve their performance in bed and frequently resort to the help of ED drugs. The most popular of them are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

The way these meds work is truly amazing – they hardly ever fail and, therefore, are always in demand. Unfortunately, this demand is exactly what makes the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing them kick their prices up to totally exorbitant levels. 1 pill of brand-name Viagra, Cialis or Levitra will probably cost you from $10 to $40 depending on your location. Curiously, these medications are the most expensive in developed countries like the US, Canada and the UK and considerably cheaper in developing countries, which only showcases the fact that their retail price doesn’t depend on the actual price of the ingredients as much and is merely a product of pharmaceutical moguls’ addiction to big bucks.

Luckily for all of us who want to enjoy sex without going broke, there is a much more attractive alternative to overpriced brand-name ED drugs available now. Some pharmacies have been selling generic Cialis online – on perfectly legal and safe basis and at totally laughable prices – usually around 10 times lower than the ones you’re used to seeing in your local land-based drugstore! It is exactly this unbelievably low price that gets many men thinking. Is generic Cialis as powerful and safe as the original medication? Does it cause any adverse effects that brand-name Cialis doesn’t have? How come you don’t need to fill in a prescription when you’re buying generic Cialis online? These are just a few of the questions that we plan to answer in today’s article. Read on – we bet that the information we are about to provide here will help you save a lot of money.

What is Cialis?

Before we start talking about the generic version of this medication, let’s sum up everything we know about Cialis in a few lines.

Developed by GlaxoSmithKlein and sold by Lilly ICOS, Cialis is the second most popular ED medication in the ‘big triad’ of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. It is the most powerful of the three – its 36-hour version widely known as ‘the weekend pill’ can keep you perfectly ready for sex for up to 2 days in a row while Viagra and Levitra can only offer up to 6 hours of enhanced sexual performance following the moment you pop the pill. Additionally, there is a low-strength version of Cialis developed for daily use and allowing you to stay perfectly ready for sex at all times without almost any side effects or health concerns, no matter how old you are.

Cialis is a PDE5 inhibitor that works by restoring the healthy balance of chemicals in your system, necessary for your body to respond to sexual stimulation the healthy way. Its active ingredient is called Tadalafil – it helps to relax the smooth muscles lining the blood vessels in your pelvis, which allows more blood to enter the body of your penis, thus causing it to swell and get hard. Most men suffering from ED have got increased levels of PDE5 in their blood, which prevents the interpretation of chemical signals sent by the nerve endings during sexual stimulation. Cialis makes PDE5 levels drop for a certain period of time, thus making you perform in bed like you are 20 again.

Curiously enough, erectile dysfunction is not the only health disorder that one can cure with the help of Tadalafil and, consequently, Cialis. Well, it’s quite expectable that this medication is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia too – but we bet that you will be surprised to hear that it is also often prescribed to those suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension. In fact, the treatment of this latter condition is exactly what PDE5 inhibitors were invented for – but when their manufactures learned about the curious ‘side effect’ of increased potency that their med was giving to the test group, they just went crazy – and made some serious money on it.

So, what is generic Cialis?

At the moment, there is only one company producing brand-name Cialis – holding the exclusive rights for this medication brand and everything. It’s Lilly ICOS – a huge US-based pharmaceutical corporation operating from its headquarters in Indiana and local branch offices in 17 other countries of the world.

Naturally, it would be unfair if the whole Tadalafil market belonged to one and the same corporation that was free to charge whatever prices it wanted for its medication, thanks to absolute lack of competition. Hence, lots of smaller Tadalafil manufacturers started appearing in countries where Lilly ICOS’s monopoly wasn’t protected that well. As the result, we’ve got a few international companies producing exactly the same medication under different brand names and selling it worldwide – naturally, at a price that can be up to ten times lower than that charged by Lilly ICOS. The products of these companies are exactly what we call generic Cialis – same good old Tadalafil that comes in a slightly different wrapping. The most famous examples of such meds would probably be Tadacip by Indian Cipla Limited, Tadalis by Ajanta Pharma, Erotid by Ochoa Laboratories Ltd. and a few more.

Buying generic Cialis online is a great option for those who don’t want to spend too much on the brand-name medication – it’s exactly as efficient and safe as the original med as long as you follow a few simple rules that we are going to lay out in further paragraphs. Keep on reading and we will gladly teach you how to purchase and use generic Cialis without compromising your health.

How come one can buy generic Cialis online so cheap?

There are lots of people who want to know the answer to one and the same question: does the fact that generic Cialis is so damn cheap mean that it’s not as safe as the original brand-name medication? Well, it’s only natural that people keep asking this – when you’re offered something that is 10 times cheaper than the stuff that you are used to and said that it’s a perfect replacement, you can’t help but get skeptical. Well, this is a case when skepticism is totally senseless – and in this part of our article we will explain you why.

First of all, it’s absolutely no surprise that Lilly ICOS is trying to sell Cialis at a price as high as it’s only possible. Judge yourself, in some countries, like the US, for instance, it’s LEGALLY the only company that is allowed to produce Tadalafil-based meds intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It holds the patent and doesn’t really give a damn about the people it sells to – if they have got no cheaper alternatives, they will buy anyway.

And it’s not just the desire to get the cream of their exclusive product, for sure – just think how much Lilly ICOS spends on marketing and you will understand that they have to include these costs into the cost of their product somehow. They are everywhere – on the billboards, in magazines, on the Internet and sometimes even on the TV – of course they need to fund their million-dollar marketing campaigns with something.

Additionally, this huge pharmaceutical corporation has to use some of its more popular meds, one of which is, undoubtedly, Cialis as a cushion to make the development of new medications and the distribution of not really popular ones possible. Plus, they have to pay salaries to thousands of their employees, build factories and rent warehouses, pay a certain amount of their earnings in taxes and distributors’ remuneration… All these expenses kick the final price of Cialis up oh so high – beyond affordable for many people using it.

On the contrary, smaller manufacturers making generic Cialis and selling it online have got considerably fewer costs – they don’t advertise as widely, they can pay less to their employees, they don’t lose as much in taxes… No surprise their prices are so low. And it surely doesn’t mean that they use some low-quality counterfeit ingredients to make their generic Tadalafil or sell duds instead of real pills. Their stuff is usually just as good as brand-name Cialis and there’s no catch at all!

Is generic Cialis sold online safe?

The fact that there are millions of men using generic Cialis and very little negative feedback from them shows quite clearly that this medication is just as good as the original one. However, unfortunately, we can’t say that buying generic Cialis online and using it is 100% safe. The reason is obvious – due to high popularity of this medication, there have been quite a few scam reports recently. First of all, there are fake online pharmacies that take your money and never bother to send you anything back. Plus, there are companies that use less safe ingredients that work like Tadalafil but can cause more side effects or don’t work at all.

It doesn’t mean, however, that every other Internet-based pharmacy functioning online is a fake. In fact, the majority of them are good and you can easily check their background by taking a look at different pharmacy directories and reading customer reviews that are posted on the Internet by the ton every day. If you don’t see the pharmacy you are about to purchase from in any black or grey lists, if it has got a decent number of satisfied customers, then there’s hardly any chance you won’t like it.

Plus, it’s not all about the pharmacy you are purchasing from – the manufacturer of the generic version of Cialis matters too. We strongly recommend that you stick with the most reliable brands only. There are quite a few lists posted online where you can find them all and you’d better take a look at those too.

And the last, though definitely not the least… Even if you have taken brand-name Cialis before, you shouldn’t take its generic version the way you are used to. Always follow the directions for use you will find on the package insert. Generic Cialis might (even though it’s highly unlikely) have different dosage recommendations, different duration of action or different drug interactions. Always check the directions for use carefully – this way you will make sure this medication works for you the way it is supposed to.

What are the side effects and drug interactions of generic Cialis?

The list of most common side effects of generic Cialis includes only a few conditions that are not really dangerous for your health and will barely cause any discomfort. Up to 15% of people taking this medication can get headaches around 1-2 hours after popping the pill. 3-6% will notice the symptoms of dyspepsia, nasal congestion and/or mild muscle or back pains that usually appear within 1-2 days of consuming Cialis. Most Cialis users who get these side effects say that they are barely noticeable and never interfere with their sexual activity.

More serious side effects have only been reported by a few people who bought generic Cialis online and most of those were caused by overdose or failure to comply with the directions for their use. Those adverse effects can include dizziness and fainting, severe hypotension, priapism and sudden loss of vision or hearing. If you feel dizzy after taking Cialis, notice any changes to your vision or hearing, feel numbness or tingling in your chest or get an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours, seek medical help immediately.

It’s also important to remember that Cialis can interact with certain drugs and substances causing highly dangerous side effects. A person taking Cialis should avoid nitrates (medications used to treat chest pain as well as recreational drugs called ‘poppers’) at all times, avoid taking other ED meds along with Cialis and also consult their healthcare provider about any antibiotics (including HIV medications) they are currently using as some of those may interact with Tadalafil as well.

Besides, you’re strongly recommended to avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice when you are on Cialis. Curiously enough, this fruit can speed up the absorption of Tadalafil dramatically, which may result in an overdose, even when you’re following the directions for use.

The effect of Cialis may also be compromised by large doses of alcohol. If you took more than 5 glasses of wine or 5 shots of hard liquor during the night (or more than two drinks within the past hour), there’s a chance this medication won’t work that well for you.

Do I need a prescription in order to shop for generic Cialis online?

Curiously enough, it depends on where you are currently based and which pharmacy you want to buy generic Cialis online from. In countries like the US, Canada and the UK, all meds that contain Tadalafil are regarded as prescription ones, which means you can’t buy them over the counter – neither in land-based pharmacies, nor in online ones based in your country.

However, there are numerous countries where Tadalafil is sold over the counter – and the point is that the pharmacies based in these countries sell generic Cialis both to locals and foreigners. Thus, even if you reside in the United States, for instance, you can still go to an Indian or Mexican Internet drugstore, buy generic Cialis online from there and get it shipped to you, no prescription required. The only thing you should keep in mind here is that you shouldn’t buy too much – large packages with medications may attract attention at the customs leading to withdrawal of your order.

Are there any alternatives to generic Cialis?

Indeed, there are quite a few different options you can choose over generic Cialis and here in this part of the article we will provide a brief overview. We won’t look at brand-name Cialis or similar medications, however, as their overly high price doesn’t allow them to be viewed as decent alternative to generics.

First of all, if generic Cialis doesn’t work for you, you can always look at the generic versions of other popular ED drugs – such as Viagra or Levitra. Generic Sildenafil and Vardenafil are manufactured by lots of companies all around the world, so finding a decently priced Cialis replacement shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Those who are looking for more radical solutions of the erectile dysfunction problem can always consider surgery, which helps eradicate most health conditions causing impotency permanently. These days surgery techniques are developed enough to be highly reliable and even though there are still reported cases of unsuccessful penile surgery, those are very few.

Additionally, if you are not really fond of both surgery and medications, you can always consider adopting a healthier lifestyle, which, as many men say, can help to improve one’s potency dramatically. Taking up sports, quitting smoking and drinking and adhering to a healthier diet may solve the ED problems without the need to resort to any radical measures.

Okay, this is more or less everything that we wanted to say about generic Cialis in this article. Hope that we managed to answer all of your questions and help you realize that buying generic Cialis online is about as safe as going for the brand-name med from your local pharmacy. Shop at reliable online drugstores, stick with meds from famous manufacturers and follow the directions for use at all times – and your sexual performance will peak again.

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