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Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) Types

What is the most popular remedy for potency in the world? Do you think that this is Viagra? And here not! Such a drug as Cialis, has become more in demand among men of various ages, whom Viagra brought no effect. The main tasks of Cialis are: strengthening of erection, enhancing of male sexual stamina and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Cialis copes with all the given tasks perfectly, demonstrating peerless results.

As statistics show, every 10th man suffers from a violation of potency. But the high price of treatment does not allow everyone to solve this problem. But it can be easier to solve if you buy generic Cialis. If a man suffers from sexual impotence (no matter in what form), it is worth buying a generic Cialis. Tests in clinical conditions showed that this drug has high efficacy, regardless of the type of erectile dysfunction. Its use will allow to forget about intimate problems, to return male sexual endurance and to improve the quality of intimate life.

Generic Cialis completely corresponds to the brand medication. Those are absolutely identical by properties and concentration of the active component. At the same time, the analogue costs less. The brand drug is produced in America, and Generic Cialis is made in India. The main active substance in the generic drug is tadalafil. Lactose monohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, talc and dye are used as excipients. The duration of action and the time of the onset of action depend on the form of release of Cialis. Adaptation as an addiction to both versions of the drugs is not observed during the intake of these medications. Both types of Cialis do not affect any hormonal background. So, we can easy conclude that in addition to affordable price as a benefit, a huge advantage of Generic Cialis is a wide choice of forms of release: Classic Cialis Pills with 10, 20, 40, 60 mg of tadalafil as an active ingredient; Cialis Black - dark-colored tablet with 80 mg of tadalafil, Cialis Soft - chewable tables; Cialis Proffessional - sublingual tablets – soft version of the drug which is dissolved under the tongue; Cialis Super Active - soft gel capsules - containing liquid tadalafil inside each capsule; Cialis Oral Jelly - served in 5mg sachet each containing 20 mg of tadalafil, Cialis Strips - have the soonest onset of action; Cialis Daily - 2.5 / 5 mg pills for a daily usage as a prevention therapy. Among the compound remedies with tadalafil the most well-known trade names are: Cialis Super Force (includes two active substances: 20 mg of Tadalafil + 60 mg of Dapoxetine) and Sildalis (also two active components: 100 mg of Sildenafil + 20 of Tadalafil).

One more inevitable type of Generic Cialis is Female Cialis, often called Femalefil, pink chewable tablets, containing 10 mg of Tadalafil. Each package of Cialis contains information about the shelf life, expiration date and the chemical composition of the drug. Let’s have a look at more detailed characteristics of the best sell-out among the whole range of generic cialis and then find out how much does it cost to buy generic Cialis.

Cialis Super Active in capsules is the same Cialis with the same active substance, but in capsules. Thanks to the capsuled form of release, Tadalafil is better protected from the acidic environment in the digestive tract, which provides the man with a stronger effect. It is used in those cases when a man is not able to achieve a good long erection on his own, or an erection quickly stops right after ejaculation.

Cialis Super Active is manufactured in blisters,10 capsules in each, mostly of an orange color. The capsule is completely flat and oval by the shape.

How Cialis Super Active should be taken

This drug is very resultful specifically in this form of release. That is thankfully to the fact that Tadalafil goes in liquid form inside each capsule, that is why the capsule should not be bitten, otherwise it will not reach the intestines in the proper proportion. Swallow the capsule as a whole, drinking enough amount of water.

The process of absorption passed in 30 minutes, and therefore it is better 1 hour before the intake and 1 hour after an intake not to eat anything or drink alcohol.

The drug is effective in case of erectile dysfunction of any origin, but only during a period of sexual activity. If an intimacy is not foreseen or planned, then you do not need to take a capsule. This drug has passed all clinical trials, and therefore you can not worry that it is a fake or a scam. Demand for it is very high, because its effect corresponds to an effect from the brand Cialis.

The cost of this generic claims super active starts from $ 2.00 per one capsule.

Cialis Soft with 20 mg of tadalafil is a very popular generic drug known as Tadalafil Chewable. The effect from a chewed pill appears within 30 minutes.

What is the difference between Cialis Soft and classic Generic Cialis:

  • same in strength;
  • rapid absorption;
  • low price;
  • has no side effects;

We recommend this form of release of generic cialis to all adult men who do not want to experience side effects. Also, the Soft chewable version tablets of Generic Cialis is ideal for those who have heartburn from capsules.

Cialis SOFT is designed to improve the erection in men, no matter what kind of an origin, among which the most frequent are:

  • reduction of erection due to age-related changes;
  • uncertainty over a new partner;
  • an unstable erection during intimacy;
  • loss of erection immediately after ejaculation.

How the drug works

The drug is taken once a day. The time of reception and meals do not play any important role. Just put the tablet into your mouth then chew it and after 3 minutes it is already absorbed by the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. The active ingredient does pass through the digestive tract, so there is a slight likelihood of side effects.

The effect will appear ONLY in case of sexual arousal. Cialis Chewable Soft tabs with 20 mg of tadalafil do not cause spontaneous erection.

The drug is recommended to those young men who want to spend an unforgettable weekend, where the reception of some alcoholic beverages is planned. Remember that if you drink too much alcohol, then the effect may be worse.

Keep the drug away from the sunlight and high temperatures., The shelf life is 3 years from the date when the product has been manufactured. The date of release and expiration date are indicated on the blister.

This Generic Cialis Soft 20mg tablet price starts from $ 1.45 and the price for a 40 mg tablet starts from $ 2.50.

Cialis Professional is a Tadalafil medication in a dosage of 20 mg in each tablet. The main purpose of its usage - is a treatment of an unstable erection during sexual intercourse. This generic is produced by a very well-known international company Sunrise Remedies. It differs from other generics by its quality, that is, this preparation has the best purification of the active component. Due to this fact, the effect becomes more powerful, and the side effects are less likely to occur.

This drug is often purchased by lots of customers. And all because of the duration of action. 1 tablet can give you an effect on the next 24 - 36 hours. For 1 - 2 days you will be ready for sex at any moment.

There are a lot of positive feedbacks about Cialis Professional.

When Cialis Professional is indicated, in what cases?

  • if there is no erection at all;
  • the erection disappears after the end of sexual intercourse, but there is a desire to have sex;
  • uncertainty with a new partner;
  • problems with blood vessels due to an overweight or due to age.

As you can see, Cialis is an excellent preparation to improve your intimate life at times. Continue to enjoy it even in 65 - 70 years, when most men are all very bad in this regard.

On a note! The drug does not increase the duration of sexual intercourse and increase excitement to the opposite sex.

An average cost of generic cialis professional starts from $ 2.50 per one sublingual pill.

Generic Cialis Oral Jelly is served in 5mg sachet is not only 100% effective in cases of problems with erection, but also is considered to be the most convenient form of release. To use the drug it is enough to drink the contents of the sachet, without any water. But still you can mix the content of one sachet with 200 ml of any type of a beverage, even light alcohol.

The main component (Tadalafil), which is a part of Cialis Oral jelly is in a standard dosage of 20 mg. It increases the flow of the blood to the genitals, allowing the man to feel confident during sex.

In order to make the taste of the remedy more pleasant, this drug is designed in a range of tasty flavors, like banana, mango, orange, litchi, wine, grape, pineapple, butterscotch etc. One more reported advantage is the form of a pack, which can be simply placed into a pocket and stored safely. The cost of Generic Cialis Oral Jelly starts from $ 3.06 and higher per one sachet.

So to resume, the advantages of Generic Cialis are:

  • Ability to restore sex life;
  • Safety, proved during the courses of clinical trials;
  • Almost peerless result;
  • Long-term effect;
  • Naturalness;
  • Absence of causeless erection;
  • Does not affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • Can be combined with light alcohol and any type of food;
  • Perfectly absorbed by the body;
  • Does not cause addiction;
  • Can be used by patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • Reduces the manifestation of symptoms in patients with prostatic hyperplasia;
  • Does not change the chemical composition of sperm;
  • Does not affect the childbearing and the health of the unborn child;
  • Almost no side effects;
  • Almost has no contraindications.

Thanks to Cialis you can surprise your beloved woman, and make her night full of unforgettable impressions and to return the sexuality to naturalness!
The cost of Cialis is compensated by its use.


Initially my doctor had put me on Cialis but my insurance didn't cover that and it was eating quite a hole in my pocket, so I decided to give generic tadalafil a try. I saw all the people online saying all generics are fake and all but you know what? I did a thorough research, I compared tons of different online pharmacies before finally setting for one and making my order and it worked! I'm taking tadalafil instead of Cialis now and paying $4 a pill instead of $40! Same effect and no health problems at all!